Week two down on the farm. Are You Kidding Me?

It is more of the same with heavy downpours keeping the soils waterlogged. However a much more interesting story has evolved and one I must share with you. The link below is the answer to all of our prayers.


The Bovine is a naturally aggressive animal and there is a distinct social standing within each herd. What that means is that someone has to be on the bottom of the pile. The matriarch of the herd always walks back from the front of the herd on the race and she sets the pace. In the shed each cow has its own personal preference as to who she stands next to and she won’t. The older the cow gets the more determined she is to get her way. She will have her preferred side of the bail and her preferred row to be milked. How many times have you walked out of the pit or away from the rotary table to get a cow to move up only to have her back away into the yard and push other cows away- b%$#@ !! you will say as she pushes further into a compacting herd on the yard. Take a chill pill and let her do her thing, you will only slow up milking.

This reminds me of another waste of money 3 year study when a university worked out that if cows stand on concrete for extended periods they will get sore feet.

I am pleased the academics stay in the confines of the campus. Imagine the outcome of one such academic working out which quarter  takes more squirts to empty out and how that will affect the industry.

Tips this week

Spend less time reading newspapers and keep on top of your jobs in the wet weather.

If you see any overly friendly cows get them to fill out a survey it will save the poor British farmers some money.

About Ian Handcock

Founder Fit 4 Farming initiative Promoting Farmer wellbeing. Performance coach.
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