When did farming become so damned complicated? What happened to the old K.I.S.S method?

Reading an article in the DairyNZ’s technical series got me wondering where we have gone so wrong to have so many technical formulae and jargon just to get cows in calf and milk in the vat.

What happened to the old days when people went the extra mile to make things happen and life was a lot simpler. I mean if all these out of it new formulae are working then why are MT rates so high and production relatively low for the millions of dollars spent on artificial breeding.

Scientists must have real exciting water cooler conversations (are they still called these?) and one can only dream of being part of the intellect shared between the white coats. I can imagine a conversation around mating would go something like this

‘Lets get excited colleagues, Mating is just around the corner so farmers need a formulae to get PP especially with AB because  PR= CR x SR and the ODE needs to be A1 so the ICR meets target. Therefore DMI x MJME x Tot must = equiv  OPDMI/cow/day or ovulation will be affected’.

An equivalent discussion by a couple of cockys at Farm Discussion group would be- your cows won’t get in calf if you don’t get off your arse and observe your bloody cows when they are bulling and feed the hell out of them.

Perhaps more focus needs to be on getting the basics right in farming. Not everyone stayed in school until they were 23 so may not get as excited with the labels and formulae that have infiltrated our business. Perhaps some people simply love farming and can do better with the oldest formula of them all K.I.S.S –Keep It Simple Stupid.

If you are confused with the plethora of information and simply want to improve your results and meet targets then contact me by using the free consult offer. Don’t wait until it is too late.

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