Fight For Life

Here in lies a contest to take your mind off your daily chores. Valerie to fight Ostapchuk. Who cares about how wet it is or how calving is going, this is much bigger news. Lets all get together and offer a good package to Ostapchuk to come over and get in the ring and settle things once and for all.

Lets face it someone is doing their job bloody well here. This is very clever marketing for the Fight for Life promoters and good on them for sticking it out there if only to test the publics response.

The real point of this is that the only the difference between the Fight for Life promoters and you as a farmer is the business you are in. If you do the job well there is reward but if you’d rather find excuses and accept low standards then you will get beaten up like Ostapchuk will be when she enters the ring against big Val.

You can’t cheat the system and get away with it because eventually all cheats get found out. A good farmer will always make a poor farm better and a poor farmer will make a good farm worse. What makes the two farmers different ?Attitude.

Take a different approach if you have hit a brick wall. You hold the key to success so working on yourself  will make bigger gains to your business than putting Cidrs into non-cyclers at mating time.

Take control of you and your business will follow suit if you don’t you might find yourself in the ring with Val.

Best wishes


About Ian Handcock

Founder Fit 4 Farming initiative Promoting Farmer wellbeing. Performance coach.
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