3 ways to get more profit from your best asset.

Your best asset isn’t the land you farm or the cows you milk it is the people in your team- your staff. At the end of the day the one who cups the cows and picks the paddocks has a huge influence on your profit. If you want to be profitable then you will need to take a new approach to getting the most out your people. Think how great sports coaches can win championships from seemingly average players playing as a great team. Be that coach.

1. Change the way you think.

Think of your staff as members of a team. If you think of them as a team you personally will approach things differently. Tell them of your farm and business goals so that they are aware of where you are heading. If they know where you want to go then they will be able to help you get there. Set specific goals and let your team decide on ways to best achieve them.  Let them learn from mis-takes and how to overcome them before they become dis-asters.

2. Keep them motivated.

Money isn’t the big driver that it is made out to be. Sure money is needed to pay bills and buy things you need or think you need to live but money should not be a motivator to doing things. We do things because we like doing them or they are interesting. We are also motivated as we get better at something. Your team will lose motivation after calving because everything they have been working towards has gone. Having a team meeting and refocusing for mating sets you up for next season’s profit.

3. Help your team to grow.

Take an interest in your teams personal goals and help them put steps in place to achieve them. Tick something off their goal list each year. Everyone in your team should win not only you. Setting high standards helps people lift their game but always discuss why the standards are there and make them accountable. Accountability is stimulating and the more stimulated your team is the more wins you will have.

Best wishes and don’t forget to share this blog with your friends, they need help too.


About Ian Handcock

Founder Fit 4 Farming initiative Promoting Farmer wellbeing. Performance coach.
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