Are you setting yourself up for success?

Are you setting yourself up for success with your personal and professional life? There is a quote I read somewhere recently that goes ‘ the answer is yes the question is how’ and that pretty well sums things up.

The press lately have again brought to our attention the stress and problems people faced in farming. These problems have always been there and I do recall much worse times in the mid 90’s when lives were unfortunately shortened because of stress. In my job I have found certain times of the year when people are at their worst. When you know these times it is easy to set yourself up for success.

DNZ and Agresearch are gathering data on farmer wellness so hopefully there is change in the midst but what can you do right now to avoid stress in your workplace. Below are three things you can do right now.

1. Vito what you read and who you talk to. for example You haven’t earned it so it is not a pay cut. Media are sensationalistic there is no future in nice stories. Talk to proactive happy positive people. One massive change I have found with coaching is that I deal with positivity as opposed to negativity as a consultant. This has been a monumental change to the way I think and the people I deal with on a daily basis now. The day you make the choice to no longer do what you have always done is a life changer.

2. Concentrate on what you can control. Payout, weather and fixed costs are not controllable so factor in variances because they will come. Variable costs, timing of things, pasture management, team efficiency, your attitude are all controllable and they are all your responsibility. Farming is about methodology don’t let anyone tell you differently.

3. Have some fun. Celebrate something. Even if you are an employee, if you are under the pump get off the farm for a break between milkings. Form a social group where you can’t talk about farming. They say that alcohol is bad for stress but I am not sure. In moderation it can’t be all that bad, I have helped solve many world problems and picked many All Black teams after a couple of handles. Look after yourself you owe that much to you.

So during your next milking have a think about whether you are setting yourself up for success. Nowadays people more than ever are saying enough is enough and taking control of their lives, changing who they deal with, changing jobs, and the way they think.

Please share this with those you care about. We all know someone who could do with a helping hand.

Best wishes




About Ian Handcock

Founder Fit 4 Farming initiative Promoting Farmer wellbeing. Performance coach.
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