We have all heard the saying a champion team will always beat a team of champions well farming and business are exactly like sport in that sense. The Welsh Rugby team is a prime example of what happens with the wrong person at the helm.

No one could have prepared the Wales for their spate of losses recently.  How could a team that was as close as anyone to getting the Webb Ellis trophy in 2011 now sit  0-5 leading into a test against the All Blacks. Wales are suddenly no longer a champion team.

I spent some time with Warren Gatland when he was in New Zealand for an extended period last year to build my knowledge of what makes a great team. Everything we talked about in rugby related directly back to farming and business. Success came back to knowing what you wanted to achieve at any certain point in time.

What was also very evident is the importance of having the right coach in your team. Professional sports have coaches and assistant specialist consultants to ensure players can improve in their core roles. Successful businesses also have business coaches and specialist consultants to maximise productivity in chosen areas.

The Farming industry has developed one stop shops as everyone tries to get a piece of the market. Consultants, sales people, rural trading stores, accountants and banks are becoming ‘Jack of all trades but masters of none’. The result is a mishmash of advice that is taking farmers nowhere.

If your farm or corporate model is not performing then ask yourself whether you want to be playing at club level or test level. What does success look like? Who can you talk to about getting your game plan right?  Who are your specialists?

The right coach can turn a champion team into a winning team so if you are struggling with the people you have around you then maybe it is simply a matter of changing your coach.

Nothing in life is permanent and I am sure Wales have breathed a sigh of relief that Gatland is back in the coaches box for the All Black test this weekend. As owner of your club it is up to you to make the big decisions-are you up to it?

Share this with those you love and those you don’t because the better the opposition is the better we become.


About Ian Handcock

Founder Fit 4 Farming initiative Promoting Farmer wellbeing. Performance coach.
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