Think of those rowing alongside you in your boat.

Are we forgetting someone with our focus on farmer wellness?

Thankfully, support for farmers and farming families is gaining more attention. Hearing stories of farmers under enormous stress with financial hardship brought about by weather events is never a nice thing to hear. There have been major advancements in recognising farmer wellness especially with the rapid uptake of social media in the farming industry, however is there a group of people we are forgetting?

Who does the farmer usually use a sounding board when he or she no longer wants to burden their family? who has to listen to the stories, the hardship, and the pain from a client who has, at times, ignored sound reasoning and got themselves into a situation that can be prevented or at least lessened? 

We forget the people who are with us in our business are vulnerable to the constant infiltration of negativity brought about by dealing with depressed farmers. The forgotten people believe it or not are your rural professionals – your consultants, accountants, financiers, mentors, stock agents and the list will go on.These people choose to work alongside farmers and will not shirk their loyalty to their client, if they do throw them out of your boat they are a liability.

Rural professionals also have wives and children at home who feel the stress from a difficult day, they cannot discuss their clients problems so have no way to offload the weight on their shoulders. The issue becomes a real problem when your rural professionals work ethic becomes affected by carrying around his or her clients problems for too long

To get the most out of your business you need everyone charged up and firing to help you reach your goals so how you approach your next meeting is your chance to make a change.

When you next meet one of your rural professionals and before you tell them how dry it is, how skinny your cows are, how hard farming is now or how much this summer is costing you, think for a moment which direction the conversation  will head if you do say that and where it will go if you begin positively instead.

Remember that happiness is contagious so make the change.


Ian Handcock

About Ian Handcock

Founder Fit 4 Farming initiative Promoting Farmer wellbeing. Performance coach.
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