We have all heard the statement ‘We need to produce more food to feed the world’s population’  on a regular basis.

If the statement is true then farmers had better produce more right! – and the obvious way to do this is to follow the congregation and join the masses building housing for dairy cattle, irrigation schemes and purchasing more supplement feed to produce more milk and meat.

But what if this was a big hoax?, I mean a real big one because if we all sat down and analysed our lifestyles, diets and habits we would find millions of tonnes of food worldwide is wasted every year and millions of tonnes of raw product is made into comfort foods with little or no real food value.

Companies are preaching the gospel messages of herd housing, sustainability, nitrates and effluent management because they are all emotive messages and farmers are joining the congregation not because they want to but because they are drawn in by the great redeemer.

The message is so powerful that the whole country is getting behind it, well except for the 3 or so million people who don’t really care because they drive their car and drink their flat whites regardless of what farmers are doing.

Think about it, we don’t need to feed the world we just need to feed our family, everything else is about making money. If the government was so intent on feeding the world then they would allow genetically modified plants into New Zealand so yields could be higher, stock would be fed better so would produce more protein. There would be wastage tax on food not used, the sea would be farmed, and other such initiatives would arise.

So who is the wolf? well the wolf is the economy. The wolf wants to be fed and doesn’t care about the worlds people. There is already enough food being wasted on a daily basis to feed everyone on the planet – if we really wanted to. The world is run by the dollar not a passion to feed the population. It is simply a big money-go-round.

So think about what you want for yourself, your family and their family before you join a congregation that you will regret. If you hear yourself saying hallelujah when you are up to your eyeballs in debt remember you can also get adrenaline running through your veins by going for a run or a mountain bike ride.

And beware of the wolf in cows clothing.

About Ian Handcock

Founder Fit 4 Farming initiative Promoting Farmer wellbeing. Performance coach.
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