Cycling for wellbeing

A 16 day, 1400 km interactive cycle tour from Ngatea to Invercargill through rural New Zealand, the Farmstrong Fit4Farming tour aims to bring awareness to farming communities about health and exercise. Local riders and their families are encouraged to attend organised event days scheduled in main stopovers


“Our mission is to improve the sustainability of the farming industry by promoting wellbeing, by inspiring and motivating rural people to be active and healthy,”

Physical activity in dairy farming is no longer sufficient to protect our farmers from cardiovascular disease. Farmers are spending more time in managerial and decision making roles, and using automation and mechanisation to do much of the physical work. Research shows farmers rarely increase their heart rates above low intensity.

Healthy fit people have more confidence in decision making. They have better time management, They have a positive attitude to life, create positive cultures and contribute to their communities.

They have better metabolism, lower blood pressure, and  can manage their weight better which equates to better health.  They will suffer less injuries and have less ‘burnout’. They will stay in the industry for longer.

You can take part in any of the event days as the  tour party works its way south. go to the Farmstrong Website to register and go it he draw to win a mountain bike on the day.


About Ian Handcock

Founder Fit 4 Farming initiative Promoting Farmer wellbeing. Performance coach.
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