Are farmers the new Super Athletes in waiting?

What if a simple mind-shift in the way we think could capitalise on the potential opportunities open to farmers and growers.

With the Rio Olympics fresh in our minds it is only natural to dream just a little bit about performing on the big stage and maybe even getting on the podium if not in sports then in your own business.

What if the next super athlete walks amongst us right now and doesn’t realise their potential. I am talking about farmers and growers the ones who work extended hours and deal with a multitude of mentally stimulating tasks every day.

A recent article in the Outside magazine by reknown guru on performance, Brad Stulberg says that stressing your mind is the secret to training your body. This comes from the UK’s Ministry of Defence research on soldiers fitness. In short they found by taking on mentally challenging tasks while doing physical exercise you can enhance your performance.

As Brad puts it –‘you can reap enormous performance gains by altering your perception of effort—and anyone can do it’

So what does this have to do with farming today and why is it any different now than before?, well as farming becomes less physically demanding it becomes much more mentally challenging which fatigues farmers in a different way. Compliance, human resource, financial planning and health & safety are daily tasks now which become mentally taxing.

Taking on mentally challenging tasks while still doing physical work can however enhance performance and the real bonus is that farmers can combine work and training so have one over urban athletes. By realising this potential farmers could  not only improve their own performance but also their farm business.

Take for example endurance sports, a game of managing mental and physical stressors over long periods of time, farmers are streets ahead with the mental equation and usually have plenty of endurance strength as well. Case in point is born and bred New Zealand farmer Richard Avery who recently ran 240 kms in 24hrs in Australia, to make it even more amazing is that it was around a 400m track.a

The recent Farmstrong Fit4Farming rural cycle tour of New Zealand lay testament to this as farmers endurance showed through over the 1400km distance.

A simple growth mind-shift can result in massive changes to our lives and beauty is we can all do it. By simply acknowledging the mental stimulus we get through hardwork we can all have the chance to podium.

Please share this with your friends and enemies because without them pushing us we will not improve.

Ian Handcock

About Ian Handcock

Founder Fit 4 Farming initiative Promoting Farmer wellbeing. Performance coach.
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