Don’t cheat on your preparation

No matter how good you are if you cheat on preparation when the times get tough you will be found wanting. Make training the hard bit and if you get it right you can reap the benefits.

I had plenty of time to mull this over during the K2 cycle race at the end of October. This an event that you simply cannot take a shortcut in your preparation because it will hurt you in more ways than one. There is nothing quite so disturbing as fighting a head wind down the Thames coast on your own after you have dropped off a pack because you cheated the hill training or long rides in your preparation, and you still have 80kms to ride.

Good sports teams usually fit the Preparation = Performance mantra into their team ethos so should we introduce this into farming?

Good crop prep = high yields and high yields mean more milksolids or weightgain, good mating prep = good submission rates and good submission rates means higher profit, Good financial prep = strategic knowledge which means increased profit or equity gain, Good physical prep = personal ability to work through the tough times and stay on the front foot.


There is no easy ride to the top.

We can always bullshit our way through the good times, (the short races) and good weather patterns but as soon as the weather extremes hit (The tough events) or commodity prices crash cracks begin to appear and all hell breaks loose.  If you haven’t done the preparation for the hard times then prepare to suffer.

It is never too late to begin preparation for an event whether personal or in your business and no one has ever regretted being over prepared. If you think you might be in for a tough time then begin preparation now and set yourself up to ride it out when it happens.

Embrace the challenge ahead and prepare yourself to win.

Share this with your friends and enemies because without either we wouldn’t improve.

Ian Handcock

About Ian Handcock

Founder Fit 4 Farming initiative Promoting Farmer wellbeing. Performance coach.
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