Get Fit 4 Farming

Do you want your workplace to be a high achieving workplace with fit and healthy people? then Fit 4 Farming is for you.

FIT 4 FARMING is all about making sure, you the person, is fit for purpose to carry out your life in the best way possible. There is plenty of research to show organised, active people lead a healthier life.

Farming has changed dramatically over the years, technology is making life easier so we can fit more in to the day and achieve more in a shorter time.

This is not a bad thing of course but it does bring to question what do we do with all our spare time? Too much of our time is wasted doing nothing, reading blogs, checking our social media or watching television.

FIT 4 FARMING will change the way you think. It will help you realise that you hold the key to your own success and happiness. It will help encourage you to act, to take the first step and think more positively.

Anyone can be FIT 4 FARMING if you put yourself first. “Can I” becomes “I can” “Shall I” becomes “I shall” it is simply a matter of acting. It is also about the people in your team. Encourage sports and recreation with your staff or group of friends. Fitter people think better and are more productive.

Contact Target Focus here and see how you and your staff can get fitter, healthier and achieve more.

You can also go to the FIT 4 FARMING Facebook page and join the movement.

Ian Handcock