Jobs/positions available

Three OAD Contract milking positions available near Dargaville.

My client B&M Farming (2010) Ltd is looking to build a cohesive team of people to run three once a day milking operations in Northland. An important part of the companies vision is to help team members on their pathway to their own personal goals. The company’s vision is to have a good honest working relationship with our contract milkers and their staff, to allow us all to go forward together and enhance ours & their family life while improving and enhancing the farms.

These farms are challenging farms but with the OAD policy they offer more than the usual job.

The three positions are all OAD operations with a focus on constant improvement on sustainability of land use and excellent cow health. This is preceded by the wellbeing of the people. The three farms are all predominately hill farms and two are prone to flooding which is taken into account with the low stocking rates and OAD policy. All farms are run under a system 2-3,

Chicory is planted on all farms to provide summer feed and as the company has its own cropping equipment some mechanical experience is preferred.

With excellent planning the ability to respond and act quickly to issues the successful applicants will have more time to drive the farm business and have time with family. The successful applicants will be well planned, accurate and careful with spending.

The successful applicants will have a proven track record of low somatic cell counts and be able to show a positive history of  achieving high in-calf rates through excellent procedures through mating.

Applicants must have a health and safety policy and be able to show up to date records of H&S in action.

To apply or for more information –

please forward CVs and enquiries to  Ian Handcock 

email: or contact through website.

NOTE: Farm 1 and Farm 2 may be applied for as one joint venture contract of 1100 cows. The farms are 5 mins drive away and the shared machinery allow the two units to be worked in conjunction with each other.

Farm 1 Ridgeview: Contract milker 580-650 cows 163 BeeBush road Arapohue Dargaville

RV pic

  • Overview: This lease farm is a hilly farm but has been developed over the past four years with a top production under OAD of 165,000 kgms. We are still looking for the right balance on this farm that delivers the highest possible profit so are looking for an innovative, energetic driver for this business. Approx 150 ha of drystock area is on a flood plain and can flood for 2-3 months so forward planning of grazing management is critical.
  • Farm size- 600 ha. 300 ha milking platform. All replacement stock grazed on.
  • Split calving winter milk contract.
  • Shed- 54 bail Rotary with ACR’s.
  • In-shed feeding system.
  • Excellent calf rearing shed.
  • 35 ha chicory planted. Approx 300T of PKE used in shed.
  • Houses on farm – 3
  • This role requires 3 full time units.
  • Contract rate $1.45/kgms

Farm 2 Tonui: Contract milker 500 cows           481 Arapohue road DargavilleBeeJay farm2

  • Overview- This farm is a recent lease and is a developing farm under going improvement in pastures and general infrastructure. Long term target is 145,000 kgms under a OAD regime.
  • Farm size – 300ha. approx 50 ha flat and remaining rolling to some steeper hill. Replacement calves grazed on till May 1st
  • Spring calving.
  • Shed – 50 bail rotary. No ACRs
  • Houses on farm-3
  • 35 hectares chicory planted. Target is no PKE on Tonui however with the current dry conditions 46 tonne of PKE will be used from Feb 1st.
  • The goal on Tonui is to improve the soils with some mixed species pastures  tried over the coming years to enhance sub surface life to better feed the cows in the future.
  • This role requires two full time and one part time unit.
  • Contract rate $1.45/kgms

Farm 3 Waihue: 400 cows  Spring calving              1053 Waihue road Dargaville

Waihue shed

  • Overview- This farm is a new position and offers the opportunity for a great team of two to take over the running of the operation. The farm is very tidy and has an excellent milking shed and facilities.
  • Farm size – 221ha. 190 ha effective Predominately rolling to hilly with 20 ha flat land
  • Spring calving
  • Very good races, fencing and water supply. Replacement calves grazed on till May 1st.
  • Target 110,000 kgms OAD.
  • 2 houses on farm. One 4 bedroom house and one 3 bedroom house.
  • Excellent 36 aside herringbone shed.
  • 25 hectares chicory will be planted. PKE will be used but as it is a new operation the amount has not been quantified. Maize silage has been used by the previous owner and may continue as part of the operation.
  • The goal on Waihue is to continue with pasture improvement and develop a simple productive system.
  • This role requires two full time units.
  • Contract rate $1.45/kgms