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The time for talk is over

It is time local government and regional councils showed some leadership and instigate some real discussion to come up with solutions to drought management in their respective areas. 2013-14 was reported to be the worst drought in 70 years which … Continue reading

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Drought shows need for Leadership at Grassroots Level.

It doesn’t matter whether it is sport, business or farming – Leaders make decisions and decision making is vital when weather extremes hit the farming industry. In droughts, Farmers must develop the confidence to make decisions early before their feed supply runs out. When … Continue reading

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El Nino means El trouble

Already weather gurus are predicting an El Nino weather pattern to hit New Zealand this spring. Usually this means an early, long, dry summer but we have learnt enough from past El Nino patterns that surely we won’t be caught out again. Major … Continue reading

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