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Fight For Life

Here in lies a contest to take your mind off your daily chores. Valerie to fight Ostapchuk. Who cares about how wet it is or how calving is going, this is much bigger news. Lets all get together and offer a good package … Continue reading

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Fonterra owes a duty of care to sharemilkers

I agree with John Larmer’s call for Fonterra to change their stance to sharemilking disputes. The 50/50 Sharemilking contract is not covered under the sharemilking act as stated. There are other sharemilking dispute cases at present where farmowners have made bogus claims and stopped sharemilker milk payments … Continue reading

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Succeed as a Sharemilker. Advice you haven’t heard before.

Whether you want to go contract milking, lower order sharemilking or 50/50, being your own boss is the next best thing since the ¼ acre section. Feel good articles about families who have done the hard yards and now own … Continue reading

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